Welcome to TVR

The Ville Regulars began as a small group of players who frequented TheVille.org game servers. These people actively participated in the forums and events taking place at this great community. They all supported the community and wanted to improve it in any way possible. The original mission was and still is to unite the regulars of TheVille.org Gaming Community.

TVR is here to bring the community tighter and recognize some of those who make it the fun and friendly place to be. Members are chosen because they have proven themselves to be true "Villuns" by somehow contributing to the community. So, if you see someone with the TVR tag, you can be sure that he or she meets our standards for attitude and good sportsmanship.

Long Live TheVille!

TVR Status

  • Established: March 10th, 2003
  • Active Members: 34
  • Current Leaders:
    • Checkm8
    • Dirty Dan
    • dredfox
    • Jim Beam
    • Stevo
    • Zookie
  • Newest Member: Emily Bront√ęsaurus

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